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Are there applications other than drying for the CD Dryer?
The CD Dryer can be used for concentrating liquids as well as drying.
Why is the CD Dryer so compact?
The biggest factor in the small size of our dryers is the use of hollow disks. Using both sides of the disks as drying surfaces, the CD Dryer can provide more drying surface area in a smaller space than is needed for drum dryers. The small size of our dryers makes installation and use easy.
Why does efficiency increase with the use of hollow disks?
The CD dryer uses hollow disks as heat transfer surfaces. The volume of the disk, and the space through which steam must pass, is dramatically smaller than the drum of a drum dryer. As a result, steam flows quickly, thermal efficiency increases, and drying can be accomplished using a relatively low-pressure steam. Utilizing the characteristics of a disk, we have been able to make the disk material relatively thin, further increasing thermal efficiency.
What kind of reduction in various costs can I expect after installing a CD Dryer?
While it is impossible to put a general figure on the cost reduction without knowing your specific details, see our case studies pages for some examples of the cost benefits some of our clients have experienced.
(Our sales staff can provide you with an individual cost-benefit simulation. )


What is the time-frame for delivery of a CD Dryer?
Each CD Dryer is custom designed and built. Manufacturing takes 3 to 6 months from your order date. Add time for shipping from our factory to yours. Contact us for more information.
Can I check the quality of the Dried Product produced at the drying test before ordering?
Yes, of course. We recommend a drying test before ordering. Using a customer-provided sample, we will test your liquid on our dryer, and return dried samples to you so that you can confirm the quality of the dried product. For more information, see the Purchasing a CD Dryer page of this website.
How much space is necessary to install a CD Dryer?
Our staff will work with you to determine the space needed for your CD Dryer. If needed, we may be able to make design changes to fit your facility.
Can I have my CD Dryer inspected and/or repaired?
Of course! We and our licensed partners keep in close contact with our customers to assist with inspection, maintenance, and repairs as needed. We expect your CD Dryer to serve you well for many years and are available to support you along the way.


What kind of delivery record does Nishimura Works have?
We have delivered over 500 CD Dryers both in Japan and overseas.
We purchased a CD Dryer 20 years ago. Can you provide repair and service?
We would like to provide service for your CD Dryer if possible. Please contact us with details.
How can I purchase a CD Dryer for use outside Japan?
Please contact us directly or one of our overseas partners:
In Korea: Geumsan Tech. Co. Ltd
In Thailand: Progress Electronic Ltd. Part.
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