CD Dryer

High Performance Concentration Drying

CD DRYERS are conductive heating dryers used for the recovery of solid materials from liquids. Drum dryers and cylinder dryers used at paper mills use similar technology.
Unlike these other dryers, the CD DRYER does not make use of the circumferential surface of a cylindrical drum, but both sides of its hollow disks,as its heat transfer/drying surfaces.
Keeping in mind that dryers are fundamentally heat exchangers, we have raised the over-all heat transfer coefficient in designing our high performance CD Dryer.

Consequently, we achieved an evaporation capacity of 200kg/m2h water at 20 or more, and an over-all heat transfer coefficient of 2000kcal/m2h. The high performance of the CD DRYER is a revolutionary development for the conductive heating-type dryer.



In tests on more than 50 types of liquid materials, the CD DRYER, has recorded, on average, a performance two times per m2 higher than conventional drum dryers, while using a lower pressure steam.


Because the CD DRYER uses both surfaces of its thin disks, it requires a plane area that is only about 40% of the area needed by a conventional dryer, as shown in the diagram below.

* Additionally, while the per-m2 capacity is twice as high, the installation area is reduced to one fifth.


While conductive heating-type dryers generally have a high thermal efficiency, the CD DRYER has a much smaller heat loss thanks to its compact size and can operate at an efficiency as high as 80 to 85%.
Due to the light weight of the heating unit, even a larger sized CD DRYER is ready to operate about five minutes after steam chamber has been filled.


Material damage from exposure to high temperatures can be reduced because heating time is as short as 3 to 30 seconds.


The three processes of concentrating, drying and pulverizing can be reduced to one process with the CD DRYER. Because it directly dries the liquid and scrapes the residue into a powder, both the anterior process of concentrating and the posterior process of pulverizing used in conventional methods can be eliminated with the CD DRYER.