I-B Conveyor

The Bucket Elevator or Bucket Conveyor has been used for vertical transport of powder materials for hundreds of years.

Its design is simple and primitive. But while the Bucket Conveyor has been improved over the years, it has experienced no fundamental changes until now. Our Internal Bucket Conveyor (I-B Conveyor) has successfully changed vertical lift history.


Feature 1

First, let us introduce the unique structure of the loading system of the I.B Conveyor.
The material is carried in buckets mounted on a belt, in the direction of the arrow ( see Fig 1 ) (when the load slightly exceeds the conveying capacity.) With the belt, buckets, and material moving at the same speed, loading produces no collisions unlike the old scraping method.

Feature 2

Buckets are fully loaded simply by passing the boot.

Feature 3

The operation continues until there is no material left in the boot.
Even water can be collected to the last drop.

Feature 4

Because the belt fits tightly on both sides of the lower drum, and forms a good seal, there is absolutely no spillage of the material from this part of the machine.

Feature 5

As illustrated in Fig 3, as the fully-loaded bucket approaches the head pulley, the free edge of the bucket begins to touch the inner surface of the pulley, and as the belt rotates, the material begins to spill into the closed space surrounded by the belt, buckets and wall of the pulley.
The material is kept in this closed space until the preceding bucket leaves the pulley. All of the material then drops down into the discharge chute. Except for some material which may be stuck to the surface of the buckets, the material is completely collected.