Company History

1920 Company Founder, Keihachi Nishimura, established Nishimura Iron factory located in Kakihise, Ushizu-cho, Ogi-gun, Saga-prefecture, Japan.
June 1944 Reorganized into Toa Weapons Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Capital 600,000 JPY
August 1945 Dissolution of the company due to the end of the war.
December 1945 Nishimura Iron Works Co., Ltd. established.
Capital 650,000 JPY
September 1964 Tokyo office opened in Setagaya, Tokyo.
August 1966 New warehousing office opened in Urawa city. Tokyo office relocated.
June 1969 Factory location constructed at the present location.
August 1978 Capital increased to 8,000,000 JPY
April 1995 Tokyo business office relocated.@ Capital increased to 10,000,000 JPY
April 1999 Capital increased to 17,000,000 JPY
December 2000 Capital increase to 20,000,000 JPY
November 2007 New assembly plant contructed

Product Development History

We changed hundreds-of-year-old history with our IB Conveyor
A great change came over the material handling process after our invention of the "IB Conveyor". The Internal Bucket Conveyor resolved issues such as impact shock, damage, and maintenance difficulties that had troubled users of the gBucket Conveyorh for hundreds of years.
The CD dryer is a unique, high performance machine, which is expected to be a powerful tool in combatting global environmental problems in a wide range of industries.
We will continue to use our creativity and technology to produce useful products for industrial modernization and streamlining.

August 1937 Received an award in Vertical Pump Competition
September 1948 Designated as a Strategic Industries Factory by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry
September 1954 Began manufacturing vertical pumps for construction use
December 1958 Began manufacturing stone crushers
December 1959 Began manufacturing concrete mixers and tower cranes for construction use
July 1962 Began manufacturing hand dump trucks
March 1964 Began manufacturing plants for crushed stone
January 1970 Began manufacturing IB conveyors
January 1978 Received the Fukuda Special Award at the Invention Awards, for IB Conveyor
October 1980 Received the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Director-General's Award, from the Japan Society for the Advancement of Inventions for IB conveyor
September 1984 Began manufacturing “Esper”Vacuum Dryers
April 1987 Began manufacturing CD Dryers
June 1991 Exhibited CD Dryer at ACHEMA Frankfurt
May 1992 Received the Science and Technology Agency Director-General Award for IB Conveyor
February 1994 Licensing of CD Dryer technology to Korea
April 2003 Began manufacturing MD Dryer
January 2004 Began manufacturing BD Dryer
April 2006 Selected as the one of “The Best 300 Small & Medium Manufacturing Enterprises” by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
2007 August Received the Kyushu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry Director-General Award in the “Monozukuri Nippon Awards,” for CD dryer
March 2014 Selected as the one of "GLOBAL NICHE TOP 100" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan