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Strengths and Features of Nishimura Works

Thanks to the continued support of the many customers who have chosen Nishimura Works, we celebrated a century in business in 2020.

Reason ① Experience

Nishimura Works started business in 1920. These 100+ years have been filled with confronting customer issues and solving them by developing our original products. That, and our track record of more than 1,000 installations, mainly by major companies, all attest to the vitality of Nishimura Works.

In recent years, overseas companies from all over the world have been inquiring about our earth-friendly industrial machinery. They, too, are looking for ways to solve issues such as cost reduction, productivity and environmental improvement.

Reason ① Experience – The Result of Meeting Customer Issues Head-on

Reason ② Product Development

Nishimura Works started out as a manufacturer of agricultural pumps, followed by civil engineering pumps, construction machinery, and quarrying equipment. Our current product lineup has a dual focus on dryers and conveyors. Our company boasts the largest share of the domestic and international market for disk-type conduction-heated CD Dryers. We believe that our spirit of inquiry is what propels our ability to develop new products.

Our product development capability, which has enabled us to create innovative corporate and industrial solutions, has grown over the years because we have earnestly faced the needs of our customers and worked together to solve them. We believe that the driving force behind Nishimura Works is the trust and expectations of our customers.

Reason ② Product Development - Solving Customer Problems

Reasons ③ Human Resource Development

There are as many needs and problems as there are customers themselves. We at Nishimura Works must have the skills and wisdom to solve the differing problems of our customers.

These skills and wisdom can be found in our employees. Developing our human resources has been a constant theme throughout the years, and is the key to our growth strategy. Expert employees, who are able to understand and resolve customer issues will move Nishimura Works forward into our next century.

Reasons ③ Human Resource Development - The Key to Our Growth Strategy